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Living Stream Ministry
The River City Rinse
Out *LIVE* w/ iLL Omen
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Business & Technology

  • SMS Promotions :: strategy and execution
  • banner ad promotions :: strategy and execution
  • landing page promotions :: strategy and execution
  • email marketing/newsletters :: strategy and execution
  • translations of business integrations to web application architectures
  • business integrations with 3rd party social networking sites
  • business integrations with 3rd party enterprise reporting and analytics suites
  • business integrations with 3rd party enterprise email marketing platforms
  • LAMP stack hosting and development
  • web services development (SOA)
  • front end development (HTML,CSS,JavaScript/AJAX)
  • rapid prototyping
  • user administration
  • content distribution network administration
  • MySQL database administration
  • Computer (Mac/PC) diagnostics and repair
  • Logistics/planning for activities with large groups of people
  • brewing coffee (certified barista for the Starbucks Corporation)

Computers & Electronics

No, I will not fix your computer :)


I have people skills!

Animals & the Outdoors

I enjoy animals and the outdoors. If I can mix both of these items with work...e.g. putting a presentation together from the comfort of a sunny patio or coding in a courtyard with my dog...all the better! As an Eagle Scout and Vigil honor brother in the Order of the Arrow, the connection that I have to the outdoors is respected, but I don't over do it. I've spent more than my fare share of time in the woods on official BSA organizational business. ^_^

Mechanized Systems

Does the contraption you're holding there have it's own mechanical system of operation? Can I see that when you get a sec?